Design is essential for an effective user experience for anything from the smallest website to enterprise level programs and can be a factor investors would look at when considering new ventures. Tavan Systems offers in-house design solutions for both commercial and personal projects. Consistent strong visuals can help bring in new clients and customers and will set you apart from the competition. Tavan Systems can work with clients to create high quality UI/UX layouts, web mockups, diagrams of product functionality and logos for both companies and products.


Big or small, every business is better off with a recognizable logo that lets people identify you at a glance. A logo can be described as the company’s identity. Quite often, it’s the first thing that a potential customer will notice about your business. A logo is much more than just an image; it is a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of your company. We will work with you to plan out and render your logo so both you and your customers will enjoy it.

Web Mockups

Wireframes bring clarity to your projects, allowing you to work through all the interactions and layout needs. They get you thinking about what your needs are, and defines your project goals and what your primary focus should be. Wireframes can be made for websites, web apps and mobile applications. Wireframing streamlines the development process as well, as finished mock ups remove the guess work turning your ideas to code.

Corporate Graphics

A simple and easy to follow graphic that displays the workflow can be essential to bringing in customers and creates a more approachable atmosphere both on the web and in a presentation. We can turn any process or idea into a strong visual that will convey the message you need to spread appropriately.