At Tavan Systems, we are dedicated to giving back to our community in Ottawa, and the international community as whole, by offering our services pro-bono to select organizations, spear-heading educational initiatives and publishing in-house developed software on open-source platforms.

Open Source Software

As an organization, we maximize efficiency by taking advantage of the core programming principle, abstraction. We constantly recycle code by creating in-house developed programming packages and libraries. These packages and libraries are published under the MIT License, and is available to be forked, free of charge, provided the user operates within the defined legal scope. Be sure to checkout our GitHub repositories and npmjs node packages.

Pro-bono Services

From consulting to solutions, our wide array of premium services can be offered to your organization from reduced cost to no charge. Most of our partner organizations are receiving our WordPress Package, but we are not limited to that. Our partners include Sidra Treehouse, Apportal, Ball Till I Fall, and many more!

If you believe your organization could be a good contender to be a Pro-Bono affiliate, be sure to contact us at Although we wish we can accept all requests, we are bound by logistical limitations.


We offer free high school level math tutoring sessions to students who are struggling with their math homework. If you wish to sign up or to get more information, check this link here.

We are also open to running free beginner code sessions, be sure to contact us if you are interested in partnering up with us in such initiatives.