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What are WebApps?

Web apps are scalable apps that are accessible by any device through a browser; they can fit infinite combinations of screen dimensions perfectly and elegantly. Whether the device is a phone or computer, Android or iOS, Mac or Windows, the app will be displayed as if it were native to the device. Essentially web apps are ultra dynamic websites that are equipped with multiple programming languages which gives them the extra flexibility they need. The development of a web app consists of developing two key ingredients, a front end and a back end.


the Anatomy of a webApp

The front end is the website that can send commands and data to the back end. At Tavan Systems we use the latest technologies such as Bootstrap, ReactJS, CSS3 and HTML5 to create an effective and responsive interface. Users can use the interface to post, edit and delete information in real time. The changes a user makes can be reflected on the screens of other users, thus giving the platform it’s dynamic property.

On the other hand, the the back end of a webapp consists of a server, an application, and a database. A back-end developer builds and maintains the technology that powers those components which, together, enable the user-facing side of the website to even exist in the first place. In order to make the server, application, and database communicate with each other, the back-end use server-side languages like PHP, Javascript and Python to build an application, and tools like MySQL to find, save, or change data and serve it back to the user in front-end code.

 The backend of an application handles all of the calculations and database interactions needed to ensure a consistent performance. The majority of actual coding is done on the backend, and all backend code runs on the server computer.

Mini Case Study

Different types of webApps

Consumer Apps

Consumer apps are apps that are designed for business client use. Here is a simple example

Snow Removal: Say you have a snow removal business, and each requested quote is chipping away from your valuable time, your success rate is marginal; and you consider the unsuccessful quotes a waste of time. You would like to have a calculator on your website, where potential clients can input their property’s information (walk way, number of lanes, car lengths of each lane, etc.), pertinent information that helps you determine the price of the job. 

Based on your internal pricing structure or rubric, the calculator will output the estimate. The calculator can then ask if the estimate is acceptable and if they would like to make the request. As the manager, you will receive the request and carry on with your internal business process.

Internal Control

Internal control apps are apps that are primarily designed to assist business managers administrate their internal operations. This can include employee or client portals that allow the respective users to make changes and such changes are reflected on the manager’s accounts. Here is an example

Snow Removal: In continuation of the snow removal example; as the business manager, you can now log into portal that will take you to your management dashboard. The management dashboard then prompts information such as the clients you have already signed up along with their data, how many centimeters of snow each client has been serviced, contract expiration, employee accounts, client-operator job sorting, vehicle logs, email blasts to clients for each service area, etc. As a manager, you’re next business decision is a click away.

our Featured Web Apps

Harris Security Agency

The website includes an e-commerce merchandise store. A course selling landing page a long with a Learning Management System (LMS). Course purchases through the website will trigger an automation task that registers the client to the LMS.

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Grand West Immigration Portal

Immigration application platform for Grand West with fully functional user management system with registration and login, language switcher, progress tracker and file upload and management.

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Legal Clinic

The multilingual online legal clinic is an online initiative commissioned and organized by Muslim Family Services of Ottawa, developed and integrated by Tavan Systems Inc. and supported by The

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MFSO Admin Dashboard

The team at Tavan Systems built an internal tracking dashboard to track the organization’s impact on the community. Tracking clients and the services that they use.The data that is tracked is easily queryable and can be visualized in matter of seconds.

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World Golf League

The World Golf League

a community of the world’s greatest golfers competing in a simulation-style difficulty of the world’s greatest game. Currently on the PGA 2K21 platform and only

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Sanad Cloud

Sanad Cloud is an online portal that helps organization administrators track files on their cloud. The system connects to S3 Bucket that stores videos and

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Rhoda Institute

The Rhoda Institute Learning Management System (LMS) is the organization’s internal learning platform. The platform manages courses, students, instructors and administrative staff. A course on

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Fair Team Gen

Fair Team Gen is an app that creates sporting events and sorts players into fair teams. This app is a proof of concept. We are

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Ball Till I Fall

Ball Till I Fall is a local Ottawa youth basketball league. Apart from the stylish dynamic website they have, there is an admin dashboard that

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Torochain Financial

Torochain Financial was a crypto token financial management platform. Where fund managers were able to adjust crypto portfolio weights, volumes and strategies as well as

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OmadaHQ is a team task management app that helps teams track their progress using an agile model. It can also be used for personal purposes.

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