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A Case Study


A company that designs clothing articles, assigns the manufacturing of their products and sends requisite materials to third party partners, the processed products are then sent back to the company, and eventually sold on the company’s website. 

Initially, company managers would manually view sales on the website and correspond with available partners that would take the order, and record the order and its status using an excel spreadsheet on a Google drive. If the partner then realizes they need materials to fulfil the order, the partner would have to contact managers by Whatsapp. 

Any changes to the order or the status would have to be communicated by phone or Whatsapp. And changes in inventory would have to be recorded on a Google spreadsheet. It would take 2 managers to coordinate 9 partners.


Solution: Implement a tailored management dashboard where managers can create manager and partner accounts. Managers can create products and then create orders for these products that are sent to the partners. The partners are then sent a text message with the order details and a link that logs them into their partner portal account. Partners can view their orders and choose to accept them or send in material requests.

 The manager that created the order will receive notifications for any requests or changes the partner has made to the order such as accepting the order, fulfilling the order and requesting materials for the order. The platform includes a demerit system, where managers can issue demerits on a partner’s record if the processed orders do not mean quality standards. 

Once an order is fulfilled, the products are then accounted for in the inventory. Upper management has full read, create and edit privileges over data processed by the system. The company can now manage 100 partners using 10 managers.