Fair Team Gen

Fair Team Gen is an app that creates sporting events and sorts players into fair teams.

This app is a proof of concept. We are testing the market before we develop additional features. Please post your feature requests on the project’s GitHub issues board.

FairTeamGen is an open-source project, it is free for everyone to deploy and develop. Visit the codebase on GitHub.

You may visit the live project at http://fairteamgen.tavansystems.com

The home page’s create event form saves the event’s notes, amount of teams, and the maximum amount of players each team can have. Once an event is submitted, a pin and link is generated to identify the event. The home page also has an even search engine to locate the event using the pin.
Whether a users uses the event link or pin to search for their event, event details will be populated on the page along with the list of enrolees and an enrolment form. The enrolment form saves the player’s name, age group, frequency and skill level. An algorithm computes an average for the player using a rubric. The player is then enlisted in a team that would maintain the balance between different teams.