Sanad Cloud

Sanad Cloud is an online portal that helps organization administrators track files on their cloud. The system connects to S3 Bucket that stores videos and files.

  • An interface to view and manage files and folders on the cloud.
  • Throttle access to files by users and user groups.
  • Users can add custom metadata to files and folders.
  • Users can add comments to files and folders.
  • Users can organize files and folders by adding tags.
  • Users can view the history of a file/folder, listing the users that viewed and modified the file/folder
  • Users can undo modifications to a file.
  • Users can access their files through their computer’s File Explorer/Finder
  • Users with proper permissions may share the file with other users, or share the file on social media, or create an external link to make the file public and accessible to everyone.
  • Users can use a SCRUM-like project management tool and connect files to tasks if they wish.

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