Adaptco Supply Chain Management System

The Tavan Systems Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) is a tool built to aid business administrators with the production of goods, tracking inventory, employee and manufacturer management.


The dashboard page is designed to prompt key information that is integral to the business. This includes the current toll of pending orders (products being manufactured), unresolved material request issued by manufactures and manufacturer and admin log ins in the past 24 hours. In addition, a table with the current inventory roster.

Order Control

The order control board is used to create orders to partners (manufacturers). Admins can specify which product and how many units they would like to order. Once an order is issued, a message is sent to the partner with all the order’s information; along with an easy entry link, that would automatically log the partner into the partner portal. The admin may also change the status of the order as well as issue demerits to be placed on the partner’s record.

Material Requests

Material requests can be created by partners on an order they have received, the details of the materials are prompted on each request, including the quantity. When the request is resolved by an admin, they can click “Resolve” and the partner would be able to make more requests in the future, and the change is reflected on the Material Request counter on the admin dashboard.

Product Control

In the product control board, admins can create new products, track inventory, remove and add inventory, and delete products. Admins cannot delete products that are currently in the inventory, once a products inventory count is 0, and the product is not involved in a partner order, then the admin will be able to delete the product.

Admin Accounts Control

The Admin Accounts control allows admins to create, delete and control admin accounts for their employees.

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal board is the place where partners can view orders they have received, are processing, they have completed and orders they have finished and shipped to the administrators. Partners are also able to create material requests on an order if they require materials; if a material request is made on an order, the partner will be unable to make another request on the same order until the request is resolved by management. In addition, when the partner changes the order status, the admin who created the order will be notified of the change.