Ball Till I Fall

Ball Till I Fall is a local Ottawa youth basketball league. Apart from the stylish dynamic website they have, there is an admin dashboard that helps administrators control different aspects of the league, such as team management, game scheduling, player and admin account management.

Team Manager

On the teams page, admins can create, edit and delete teams and their names.


On the schedule page, admins can create, edit and delete game information, such as the teams playing the game, time and location of the game and results of the game. The app will automatically determine who won the game based on the result.


The players board allows admins to create, edit and delete player info. Two players of the same team cannot have the same player number. There is a limit of 10 players for each team; in the instances an admin attempts to add an eleventh player, the app will return an error indicating the player team limit has been reached.

Payment Registrar

The player registrar board prompts all potential players that have applied to join a team in the league. When the admin verifies the player’s cash payment, the admin can click “paid” on the applicants row, and the player account will be created as well as a connection to the team he wishes to choose. This will verify that the new player is not attempting to use a number already used by an existing player. The app also verifies that there is space for the player in the team. If the conditions are not met, a detailed error is returned.

Admin Control

The admins board helps the admin control accounts with admin privileges. Admins can create, edit and delete admin accounts.