Torochain Financial

Torochain Financial was a crypto token financial management platform. Where fund managers were able to adjust crypto portfolio weights, volumes and strategies as well as view outputs from the in-house Market Prediction AI. The Tavan Systems team is proud to take credit of the design and development of the front end of the platform.

DISCLAIMER: Torochain Financial has ceased operations. This project has been included to Tavan System’s portfolio with the permission of Torochain’s board members, in recognition of Abdul Amoud’s contribution to the product. Abdul Amoud is a Tavan System’s partner.

Web System

Portfolio View (Line Graph)

In the portfolio view page, a user can pick a trading instrument and time interval from a list, the app then connects to the Binance Websocket and continuously fetches and adds real time data to the graph. The user can also view the performance of the in-house Prediction AI and compare the results with real time results from Binance.

Trading View

In the trading view, a portfolio manager can view the content of each fund offered by the company. They can also send instructions of how the portfolio’s structure should be changed. They can assess models suggested by the Prediction AI, and choose whether the new model should be applied to the fund. In addition, portfolio managers can request a compliance check that can determine how compliant the fund is with the suggested models.

Portfolio View (Candlestick Graph)

The portfolio view also offers a candlestick graph view. A user can choose which trading pair they would like to track, and the app connects to the Binance websocket to offer real time trends. The user can choose to save the view as an image or they can print the results of the view. In addition, the user can hover over each pointer to see additional information.

Token Buyer

The buy token page allows users to tinker with the a Buy Tokens calculator that outputs the amount of tokens they can purchase by inputing a currency of their choosing and an amount. It also prompts the user’s past orders. In addition, it shows up to date information about the current deals the company is offering.

Profile Management

The profile page allows the user to edit their account details and TFA method.

Graphic Design

The Torochain logo was designed to inspire confidence in the brand through the bull head imagery and vibrant greens. The large horns and forehead show strength and stability. The logo is polygonal to give it a more modern feel that is in-line with the crypto currency assets the company worked with.

The timeline and other supporting graphics were made from the colour pallet of the logo, using large amounts of the Torochain green with accents of dark grey. Process diagrams were created using an additional colour, this being the blue of the trading UI. Graphics were primarily flat with certain key pieces being rendered with depth to make them stand out from the rest.

This graphic explains the overall corporate service. First, the Torochain system scrapes information and data from social media, press, data outlets etc. The data is then stored on a database. Company algorithms then analyze the data using in-house data models. The system then analyzes the results once more by quantifying sentiment analysis and uses deep learning technology to tweak the model in order to increase accuracy. The results are then served as price predictions. The system automatically closes trades based on those predictions to maximize profit.

The tailored iconography matches the client’s need, as they complement the current overall design philosophy. The imagery is significant to the image the company wishes to convey. First, we have the graph that symbolizes the growth trend, subconsciously equating the company’s performance to the shown trend. The graduation cap represents the company’s long list of team experts with advanced degrees in the field. Moreover, the desktop and mobile icons stand for the versatility of Torochain systems and applications, as they can be accessed by various devices. Finally, the brain exemplifies the artificial intelligence technologies developed and utilized by the company; the branches inside the brain represent neural networks that are essential to the construction of artificial intelligence.